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Monday, October 15, 2012

Frazzled And No Dazzle


I do not want to make any excuses as to why I haven't add any recipes up, but a few things have been going on recently that have taken my time of cooking proper dinners (dinners that do not consist of tuna sandwiches, taco packet dinners, or hot dogs) but I am glad to say I am back, and with even more vigor!

The first reason I have not been active on my site is because my sister recently went to school to become a real estate broker (I believe this is what her job title is called) and she has three young ones all different ages. I have been watching them most of the days in a week to help her out so she is able to sell her first home and to just lend a hand so she can get some work done. After a day of calling leads and going to showings she actually works at home at night so she does not have time, to be able to do the steps she needs to sell houses if the kids were there.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lost My Wisdom

As the title says, I have lost my wisdom....teeth! On July 31st I had surgery at 8am (too early to even function!) to remove impacted wisdom teeth. When we did x-rays it showed that I had only three wisdom teeth,  so I can say I'm not in complete pain but two of those were my bottom wisdom teeth with are the most annoying ones every! With top wisdom teeth there isn't really anything you need to watch out for, food can't really get stuck in the top but the bottom, if you have anything that has small things in it, will most likely end up in the hole where your wisdom tooth was. So something as simple as strawberries (whether it was yogurt, smoothie or an actual strawberry) was out of the diet till you were able to chew and clean out the holes properly!

When you first get them out, you will need protein and a lot of stuff that will help you heal faster. I had yogurt, yogurt fruit smoothies, pudding, vitamin water (different flavors!), jello, cream of chicken (blended with an immersion blender!) The day after around 9pm I was so wanting something that would fill me more and wasn't so sweet (who would of thought not wanting icecream!). I scoured the web to find some soft food recipes but a lot of them were things like tofu and at 9 o'clock at night, I was not going to go to the store to buy some tofu. Finally I found something so simple, that had me questioning why I didn't think of it before. Scrambled eggs! They will fill your stomach, make you happy and you could add just about any seasoning to it! But I'm just like my grandmother when it comes to making eggs, you only need eggs, milk, salt and pepper. It's so easy to just eat eggs because you don't really have to chew them and they go down easily.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's a homemade tor-tee-ya!....or is it a tor-til-ah

A few weeks ago I was at my sister's house to watch her three youngins' so she could clean the house and get some things done that needed to get done.  She recently has been into making her own bread, pizza dough, and tortillas. While the two older kids watched Dora, and the youngest bouncing away in his bouncer, my sister decided she wanted to make tacos with a homemade tortilla recipe.

After we got everything cooked (with some flavoring of my home grown cilantro), she let me have a taco and I can't even begin to describe the delicious-ness the tortilla.  At first I was skeptical of eating a homemade tortilla because my mother and I made one before and it called for lard and when we cooked it, there was no flavor and it was just not good. With that carved in my mind, I ate the tortilla thinking it was going to be gross and bland but it was not and I'm still in shock that I enjoyed it so much.

A week after I went searching on the Internet for a tortilla recipe because I wanted to make tacos the next night, and I couldn't find any that I went through on Tasty Kitchen that didn't have any lard in it so I went through my bookmarks and there it was, the recipe for the tortillas! I do recommend trying out this recipe because you will not be disappointed with this recipe!

Thanks so much Homesick Texan! I would be having terrible thoughts about homemade tortillas without this recipe!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Double The Chocolate And The Peanut Butter Please!

Like the title says, this cupcake recipe has double the chocolate and double the peanut butter in it! This is a delicious cupcake that will be a hit with people who love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter!

I had a friend staying over a few weeks ago for the day and we decided to bake something sweet, so I searched Tasty Kitchen for a cupcake recipe that we could make with what I had on hand.  The requirements that the recipe had to have, was chocolate, chocolate and MORE chocolate.  Finally I found one that seemed to suit our demands (the demands were very high too!) with a chocolate cupcake base with added chocolate chips and peanut butter in it!

This recipe is so chocolately that I'm sure if I ate enough of them I could of gone into a foodcoma. The frosting is something else! It is a peanut butter buttercream frosting, that seems like you're eating it straight from the jar but is so much fluffier than that! After reading and making sure I had all the ingredients (and looking at the delicious photograph) we went to town! I hope more people try this recipe out, because it is a whole cupcake recipe from scratch not a box mix!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Apologies and News

Hello Everyone!

First I would like to apologize to everyone (if anyone is reading this) who have waited for an update and have yet to receive one due to my forgetfulness. I am back though and I am able to actually get on the computer and update whenever I like now! I had a computer that was unreliable and I would never know if I would be able to get on it the next day, but now everything is fixed so I am able to post recipes for your delight!

I have a few questions for you.  I am always curious to know what everyone would like to see posted more, like desserts, main dishes, appetizers, drinks etc...  Just leave a comment in the comment box down below to tell me what you would like to see more often. Also would you like to see more reviews on recipes that I pick out?  Or if you send me one for me to try that is your own recipe? I am willing to make some one's recipe unless it ask for stuff that is unusual and I have to go hunting down the ingredients for. I also can make some freezer friendly recipes if anyone wants some, so just go to the comment box and tell me what you would like and what you do not want to see more of!

I am on The Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen site, and if you want to find me just look me up under my blog name:  The Dashing Chic (without the spaces I believe). I will also be posting recipes over there for you guys to enjoy. It is a site where you can browse recipes, so if you find one on there and aren't too sure about it, just ask and I may just do the recipe and review it for you.

I do believe that is all I have to say, so I hope to see you in the future, and do not be shy! Go ahead and send me an email or subscribe to get updates by mail!

With Heartfelt Apologies,

Catherine Mae, The Dashing Chic