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Monday, October 15, 2012

Frazzled And No Dazzle


I do not want to make any excuses as to why I haven't add any recipes up, but a few things have been going on recently that have taken my time of cooking proper dinners (dinners that do not consist of tuna sandwiches, taco packet dinners, or hot dogs) but I am glad to say I am back, and with even more vigor!

The first reason I have not been active on my site is because my sister recently went to school to become a real estate broker (I believe this is what her job title is called) and she has three young ones all different ages. I have been watching them most of the days in a week to help her out so she is able to sell her first home and to just lend a hand so she can get some work done. After a day of calling leads and going to showings she actually works at home at night so she does not have time, to be able to do the steps she needs to sell houses if the kids were there.

The second reason is just two weeks ago my last living grandparent died right before I was going to try and post a few recipes up to be loaded at a different time but I was not able to do so because of the recent death weighing on my family.

And last I actually am trying some recipes out before I take pictures and post them on the blog. I do know for the two recipes I have posted, I never tried them before and those are the results of trying them the first time. But I do want to be able to make them first and jot down my notes of the results, so if I do cook it a second time I can tweak the recipe a little if something did not go right the first time around.

Another thing to note, I am trying to re-do my site but I have yet to come up with a logo design so I can't go forward of making my banner and background till I figure out what the logo is going to  be. If you have any ideas go ahead and leave them in the comment box down below!

I have a pork chop, chicken teriyaki (Seattle Style!), popcorn balls, mini fruit pizza, zuchinni pie and a few other recipes for this month! So I hope you are able to come back and check my site out and leave comments if you want to chat!

With Jumbled Love,

Catherine Mae, The Dashing Chic

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